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About Total Quality Institute

Who we are: 

Total Quality Institute, Inc. is an international network of highly qualified professionals, generalists, and specialists. Each member of our team has years of hands on experience and has received certification through extensive on-going training. Our professionals provide the forum, processes, structure and expertise to assist organizations to create a profitable and competitive customer focused advantage in today's ever changing global environment.

How we help: 

• Develop strategic focus and value-driven leadership
• Create continuous improvement and customer focused growth
• Provide the structure for the implementation of Cycle Time Reduction for your processes
• Improve team effectiveness
• Develop your people's potential
• Align management and operating systems with your strategic plan
• Develop executive leadership skills
• Develop supervisor & customer service skills
• Develop your people's selling skills

The results could include: 

• Improved market share
• Increased revenues
• Reduced costs
• Increased speed and accuracy
• Improved profitability
• Increased customer responsiveness
• Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty
• Increased stockholder value 


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