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Over the last twelve years, organizations who have outperformed their competition 
and, more importantly, traditional investment benchmarks, have followed some specific 
criteria for Organizational Excellence. 

An assessment instrument is now available which will provide you with an in-depth
snapshot that will identify some of these criteria: 

• How well aligned all of the key elements within the organization are, 

• Where serious disconnects are affecting the organization's ability to build and 
  sustain a competitive advantage, 

• Where the organization's strengths lie, 

• How connected various departments are in meeting customer needs, 

• How connected various levels of management are in targeting needed resources where
  results can best be realized, and 

• The key issues that must be addressed today to be able to avoid catastrophe in the future. 

This assessment instrument is D.I.AL.O.G.® (Data Indicating the ALignment of
Organization Goals). It is unique in that it searches out the issues by tapping into the
perceptions of your own people rather than the opinion of some outsider who doesn't
understand your business and all the dynamics that are unique to you. At its core, we
smpioy me Baldridge Criteria for Organizational Excellence because no other ser of criteria
has been validated to be more erfecave in providing the foundation for a complete business

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