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Leadership Development Program

              The objective of this program is to develop or enhance your leadership skills such as: motivation, problem solving/decision making, goal setting (personal and organizational), time management, communication, ethics, attitudes, and building relationships.

SESSION 1       Introduction: Positive Attitudes, H.R. Skills, Goalsetting Techniques
SESSION 2       You Possess The Ability to Lead Preparation for Leadership
SESSION 3       A Product of the Past Motivation
SESSION 4       Goal Setting for Success Building Success Attitudes and Habits
SESSION 5       Developing Your Personal Goals Program Turning Solutions into Actions
SESSION 6       Understanding and Affirming Your "Self" Managing Your Time
SESSION 7       Communications and Human Relations Decision Making and Problem Solving
SESSION 8       Formal Leadership Continuing Your Leadership Growth
SESSION 9       You and Your Success
SESSION 10     Leadership for the Future
SESSION 11     Diversity & Sensitivity
SESSION 12     Conflict Management

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