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Supervisory Development Program

              The objective of this program is to develop your supervisors or prospective supervisors into leaders of people and managers of processes using such sessions as follows to facilitate development.

SESSION 1       Introduction
                              The Successful Supervisor
                              Goal Setting
SESSION 2       Your Action Plan
                               You & Yourself
SESSION 3       Confidence: The Critical Ingredient
                               Leading for Results
SESSION 4       Managing & Controlling Your Use of Time
SESSION 5       Communication
                               Upward Communication
SESSION 6       Performance Appraisals
                               Discipline: Word & Concept
SESSION 7       Developing Subordinates
                               Decision Making & Problem Solving
SESSION 8       Your Personal & Organizational Goals
SESSION 9       "Your" Action Plan
SESSION 10     "Now Where Do I Go From Here?"
SESSION 11      Diversity & Sensitivity
SESSION 12      Conflict Management

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