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Quality is the Price of Admission

What is Quality-Meeting or exceeding customer expectations! 

Employee InvolvementOContinuous Improvement
'Passion for Excellence"
How are you empowering your employees to get C.I.? 

Do you (we) do concurrent engineering? (Each department involved in the Design process) 

Quality Improvement Teams 

How do you use SPC?
What do you measure?
6-sigma 3.4 errors/million 


Cultural is slower process than vertical slice, work both together 

Pilot or parallel does not work 

Good Diagnostic Chart
1. Focus on core values
2. Start around circle with customer focus
3. Process management focus
4. Strategic communications
5. What are you trying to measure; what do you value
6. Total employee involvement; total linkage supplier to customer
7. Leadership-leaders facilitate the change process 

Implementation Model
1. Do you have a strategic plan?
2. Have you defined success?
3. How does management behave?
4. Are your operating systems customer friendly?
Align systems to get customer advantage 

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