Value-streaming is the chain of all specific activities required to bring products and/or services to the customer (internal or external). The objective is to eliminate as much of the non-value-added activities in the value stream as possible. 

The concept: 

•  Follow the process from the customer to the supplier, in reverse, and carefully draw a visual portrayal of each process in the flow of material and information. 

•  Each action is either value-adding or non-value adding 

•  Helps you visualize more than just the single-process level 

•  Shows the linkage between the information flow and the material flow 

•  Helps you see more than waste. You see the sources of waste in your value stream

          Working with such companies as Creative Memories, YSI, Pentaflex Corp., Navistar, and Assurant Corp., we have been able to show how to save from $285,000 to 1 million annually.  We can do the same for you!

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